The temperament of the Great Pyrenees is ideally suited to the work of LGD’s. They do not have a “rush to judgement”attitude when danger threatens. To do their work they do not have to be “aggressive” but they do have to be stable and self-confident. Temperament is as important to the LGD as it is to the city dweller. Great Pyrenees needs to be confident in their relations to man and to predator. If they are stable they will not see everything as a threat but will assess the situation and devise an appropriate plan for protection. If they are frightened of humans, they tend to run inside the herd and back away. The owners must run them into sheep pens or tranquilize them in order for shots or medical aid to be given. The Pyr that is confident in his ability to deal with man and beast can be approached and handled and given medical treatment when needed. “Gimlet’s” littermate is a livestock guardian dog along with a champion! This shows the versatility of the Great Pyrenees.